The Essential Stop Smoking Strategies

The Essential Stop Smoking Strategies.

Stop smoking strategies.

How many are there. Do this, stop that, get rid of the other. That is what you are told, maybe everyday but at least once a week.

I bet that you want to but in some ways you do not. Now this isn’t something to be ashamed about, as a matter of fact it is quite normal.

It took you years to create the habit, you enjoy it. But then there is always something in the back of your mind trying to say something, usually about the health effects.

But we already know about the health effects of smoking.

We are told about the health effects and we have known about the health effects of smoking for a long, long time. However there seems to be more smokers and the actual idea of stop smoking- or banishing smoking forever seems to have faded.

Sure the government gets their “cut” of the profits of smoking and therefore it provides an economic avenue for the country. But, that packet of cigarettes or that nice cigar sure costs a lot more now than when it did. And I can tell you for a fact that increase in price does increase revenue in the short term. But:

– it equally costs more in healthcare costs

– smokers do resent and in some cases reduce the amount that they smoke because of the increased cigarette prices. But this does not effect every smoker.

– sometimes you do not reinvest the money that you save from quitting, it gets soaked up into the “household budget”.

Are you against or for smokers?

Seems an odd statement from a person who is promoting healthcare. But sometimes demonizing smokers is not the way to go.

My dad smoked since he was 16 up until he was 50. The illness that he has got from smoking is COPD which is under control mainly because of quitting. But he did nothing wrong. At the time he smoked is was glamorous, it was promoted as being so. His friends smoked and the health warnings weren’t in place at all. So they all continued to smoke.

Many friends I know smoke because of the “stress” of work or because they believe that it relaxes them and they smoke for that relaxation and in some ways being part of a social setting. but they are not bad people.

Constant telling off.

I felt sorry for my dad because we constantly told him off for smoking. He never smoked around us but was usually forced into the garden whatever the weather. But that didn’t stop him from smoking. The cost of cigarettes didn’t help, so he reduced the amount he had, but still smoked. Even going to different brands or small cigars.

But telling off doesn’t seem to work. In some ways they see someone who doesn’t smoke telling them that they shouldn’t. A high horse approach that usually ends up with more barriers being put in place.

Trying to stop smoking is hard.

It is not the easiest thing to do. It actually can not be. The drug, the routine, the smoking paraphernalia, social groups, how to actually give up, the myths all stop a smoker from giving up.

They sometimes talk to friends who tried to give up and they found that the cravings drew them back, they couldn’t handle it.

What about the stress of your job- how will you handle that if you give up smoking?

You have been doing it for years, heck even the 1 or 2 cigarettes a day is not going to harm you- so why is it important to give up. Why should you do it?

Why should you stop smoking?

I have no idea.

Odd answer right?

But it is not. I have no idea why you should stop smoking. I could list off the researched amount of deaths directly related to smoking. I could show you a picture of destroyed lungs, gangrene in 30 year old men (directly caused by smoking), I could even show you the stats of second-hand smoking and how it effects children and babies.

But you probably already know about it.

What many non-smokers fail to grasp is that smoking is an individual thing. What makes one person quit can be completely different to what makes another quit. Ultimately quitting has to be on your own terms, in your own time and when that time is right.


Research has positively proven that the strategies that I am going to show you increases the chance of you quitting and staying smoke free.

I have collected that research material. I have found out what really works and what doesn’t.

– I know about the cravings and exactly how long they last for and how you can deal with them simply and easily.

– You will find research articles proving every single point. This is just not one persons saying “I think”. This is actual people who have spend many years in the smoking field figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

– You will be able to see the myths from both sides of the smoking lobbies, clearing your way to a truer understanding of what actually is truth and what are “grey areas”.

– You will understand simple techniques to figure out if you really want to stop smoking and how you can live any life after smoking that you want.

– How you can empower yourself to accomplish post smoking life, with ease.

– You will know the power of the best smoking cessation devises that have been researched. One of them you already have and some you should leave well alone.

– And much MUCH more.

Trying To Stop smoking is hard…but did you know that research states that within 3 minutes you can increase your quitting chances?

Within 3 minutes.

Actually that is part of my whole strategy.

I am a healthcare professional who is going to give you all the information that you need that has been researched. If you want to quit and want to know how you can achieve all the stages of the stop smoking journey then you can check out the strategies.

If you don’t? Well you have to ask yourself why are you on a non-smoking webpage? You probably do but are unsure.

I am not going to lecture you.

I am not going to pound my hand onto the ground and say you should quit.

I am just going to show you how it is possible. You will know the research. You will know the stages. You will know exactly what to do.

But at the end of the day, it is up to to you.

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